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UPDATE on the upcoming changes to my Practice: Susan F. Davenport, Ph.D.:

Thank you for sharing your lives, your stories, your hearts, and for trusting me to help you heal, grow, and be the best possible person you can be. I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared so many of your lives. My career has been dedicated to taking care of children and adolescents, and explaining to the adults in their lives what life is like for them. This covers the range of ADHD, to learning disabilities, to autism, to just putting the pieces of the picture together, to being able to explain it to other people. I have always felt passionately about the need to help others. I will be in the office until March 30th, 2023.


As I move into the next stage of my life, I do so with great joy. I am marrying a wonderful man and moving to Texas. We have had such fun traveling, dancing, skydiving, scuba diving, and seeing the world. While leaving will be extremely challenging, I am going to use the same skills I have taught many of you to use - good cognitive, behavioral therapy techniques to focus on the positive, solve the problems I can, let go of the rest, and move forward!


I would love to hear your story. Tell me where you have been, and where you are now, and would love to hear the impact of our time together on your life or your child’s life. You can send me a confidential email or, if you prefer, you can send me a note to the office address on the Contacts page. My email is:


Thank you again for your trust and your willingness to change how you think, because it changes how you feel!

All the best,

Dr. D.

PS: I am very happy that Dr. Long joined the practice a year ago and will be continuing to provide services.

Due to Policy and HIPAA-compliance changes, patient forms need to be updated as of March 2021. Please download and fill in the updated forms on the Forms page. Forms can then be emailed or printed and brought to the office. This ensures we have the most current information on file. 



I am a Licensed Psychologist with over 25 years of experience. I love working with people, and helping them to achieve their goals. My theoretical orientation has been eclectic, with an emphasis on cognitive behavioral, which addresses people's thoughts ...



Licensed Psychologist 

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